Moroccan lamps and Lighting: Stylish, Artistic Touches of Light


The exotic Moroccan culture is full of lavish styles. You can find a mixture between Arabic and French design in the décor for their homes, with Spanish colonialism also playing an influence on this style. With just a few simple changes to your home’s decor you will be able to create an oasis for yourself that feels like Morocco!

Moroccan lamps and lighting are unique in that they provide a stylish, artistic touch of light. They can also help to create a mood or ambiance for any room. Moroccan lamps come in many different shapes, sizes and colors; this is part of what makes them so popular as décor items for both homes and hotels.

Moroccan Lamp and Lighting Inspiration

Moroccan lamps are a lot like candles, in that they emit warm light and give off a gorgeous glow. They’re also perfect for adding an exotic touch to any space you place them in—whether it’s your bedroom or living room!

Investing in quality lights will not only give off an amazing ambiance but also look stunning at night when turned off–all without having any negative effects on vision.

What Makes Moroccan Lighting Unique

  • The minaret is an onion shaped architectural element found atop many Turkish structures. This uniquely Arabian shape is used often in Moroccan style lighting.
  • Moroccan light fixtures mimic lanterns. Instead of cloth or paper shades which can be found in the Far East, metallic lanterns are used. This makes Moroccan lighting more decorative than conventional lamps and lamp stands.
  • Moroccan lights can be used to fill a space with color. Unlike Western decorative glass lampshades, which cover the top half of a light bulb, Moroccan light fixtures completely surround the light source. So when colored glass is used, the colors illuminate the whole room.

Buying Guide

Moroccan hanging lamps are a unique, creative way to light up your home. They catch the eye and give it an elegant flare that will make any room look like something out of Instagram. Unfortunately these beautiful pieces can be hard to come by because many people don’t know how they work or what makes them so great! This article is going for you- we’re here to answer all of those burning questions about Moroccan hanging lamps with this buying guide on everything from materials used in production, size options available, and where you should hang one if there’s more than one person living at home.

A Moroccan lamp has both its aesthetics and functionality wrapped into the same package which doesn’t fail when trying not only catching visitors’ attention but making whoever.

What types of hanging lamps are there?

When you’re getting ready to hang a new pendant or chandelier, there are four major considerations. What type of hanging lamp is the best fit for what I’ll be using it in? How many sockets do I want on my light fixture and how close together should they be spaced? Will this item allow enough room for all of that wiring if need them to go down through the ceiling joists into an attic space below where your house wiring may already exist from when your home was built back in 1961 (for example)? And finally – which direction will work better with our living area’s aesthetics as well as household needs.

  • The standard is the basic option, which also means it’s more economical. The standard type comes with a single lamp with a standard size.
  • As the name suggests, the mini pendant is sized smaller compared to the standard. Its primary use is for a small and one-person table. It’s sort of a personal lighting. However, you can also use the mini pendant as a unique lighting fixture for a regular table or hallway by purchasing more than one lamp.
  • An island hanging lamp will typically consist of two or three lighting sources. The lighting sources are attached to a central pole or fixture. An island is an excellent option for a pool table, bar or desk.
  • The multi-light typically means a hanging lamp that comes with more than three light sources. This type is often designed to be grand, which is why it’s often used as an alternative to a chandelier.
  • The inverted comes with a design that projects more light upwards or to the ceiling rather than downwards. Because of this, it offers a unique kind of lighting experience. An inverted can work well for a breakfast nook, foyer or dining room.

How to determine the right height for a Moroccan hanging lamp?

When considering the height of your Moroccan hanging lamp, make sure to take into account the distance between it and floor. These lights are often used on a table or in a hallway but can also be installed elsewhere as long as you know how high they need to hang for safety reasons.

  • If you are buying a Moroccan hanging lamp for a table, then the ideal height is anywhere between 28 inches and 32 inches.
  • If you are planning to place the Moroccan hanging lamp on a walkway or hallway, you’d want 7 feet clearance between the floor and the fixture.

What’s the proper wattage for a Moroccan hanging lamp?

When shopping for a lamp, you may have noticed that lamps come with varying wattages. You should not ignore this factor because the lamp’s wattage typically means the amount of light it can provide. Ideally, you’d want around 60-75 watts per 20 inches of table or counter space to ensure your lighting is sufficient and comfortable enough when doing any activity at home!

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